Windows 10 upgrade

Dear Customers,

I wrote to you last year and earlier this year requesting that for the time being you should refrain from upgrading your computers to Windows 10.


Most of the reasons for our recommendations back then were based on incompatibility with other products, in particular Anti Virus software. We were also concerned about early-adoption-issues with user interfaces and missing functionality.


With the November upgrade of Windows 10 and the subsequent progress with AV suppliers, we no longer hold these concerns.


We have in the meantime upgraded approx. 20 workstations to Windows 10 without any noticeable negative effects. We are also upgrading your WSUS server to allow management of Windows 10 service packs and security updates.


Microsoft’s “free” offer to upgrade is still valid to the end of this month (29th). We have no longer technical concerns about the upgrade and leave it up to you to download and activate it.


Please let us know if you require any assistance or encounter any problems with the upgrade.


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