Remote Desktop Gateway integration

Friendlyware recently configured the Microsoft Remote Desktop Gateway role on our customer’s Windows servers. This was done due to security and administrative advantages this technology offers.


What is a Remote Desktop Gateway?

It is a role service that enables authorized remote users to connect to internal servers and workstations, from any Internet-connected device.


Why does a business need that?

The main reason is to limit the exposure of your servers and workstations to the Internet. Before that role has been configured, every computer and server, that needed to be accessible from the Internet, was exposed to the Internet. With that role configured only the server with the Remote Desktop Gateway role is exposed to the Internet. Users that need to connect to a server/workstation, connect to it through the Remote Desktop Gateway server.

Furthermore, the access to each server/workstation can be controlled very granularly which improves the security even more.


Benefits for businesses:

  • Less exposure of your private network to the Internet
  • Higher security (common used and hacked accounts like “administrator” disabled for remote access)
  • Simpler administration (access controlled by groups, rather than individuals)
  • Allow remote access to user’s workstations without compromising security


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