Be Aware Spam!

You are all aware of the increasing number of spam and virus these days. Anti-virus and spam filter alone are not sufficient to prevent it. Please be aware that attacker are using social engineering method to lead you to click or download malicious software to your computer e.g

Email Attachments
Here’s a couple of examples of attempts to get you to open an attachment.
• New Invoice
• Problem with your Tax Payment
• Make Hundreds of Dollars Per Day
• Lloyds Bank – Pendeford Securities – Please Read Action Required
• Notice: Ticket Number PD-0BC-59C7-2B4-8R89
The common pattern is that they have an attachment, or a link, and they want you to open it.
We have a lot of anti-spam/antivirus/antimalware protection, but it won’t capture 100% of everything. The best way to protect yourself is to verify it’s legitimate before opening attachments.
Please Check these things before you open :
Is it an email from a colleague or vendor you’ve dealt with before?
If it’s someone you’ve dealt with before, there’s no harm in calling, skyping, or emailing them to double-check they did intend to send you the file.
If it’s from a bank: All major banks won’t send attachments or tell you to open links – they’ll direct you to their online banking site to download anything.
If it’s from a government agency: Did you give them your work email address? If not, it’s fake.
If it’s from someone completely unknown: It’s probably fake.

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